The simple online service for quoting, billing and more.

With Billomat even non-accountants can take care of all their own invoice processing effortlessly – including customer management, quotes, invoices and reminders. Stress-free and secure!

In the cloud

Because Billomat only exists on the internet, you're always working with the most up-to-date version and automatically benefit from new features.


The full version of Billomat is offered in 5 languages, and is used by customers from all over the world.


All data are transmitted in SSL-encrypted form, and are available multiply redundant in our data-centre as backup. More about security »

Environmentally friendly

With Billomat you save paper, ink and energy. That preserves natural resources and helps protect the environment.


With integrated add-ons or open REST-API data can be exchanged with other services. Whether time-tracking, project management, mailing…


Real people work at Billomat – and you can contact them promptly with your questions and problems. We'll be very pleased to help! Visit the Support Page »


  • Support for invoices, estimates, reminders, credit notes, order confirmations and delivery notes
  • Periodically recurring invoices
  • Easy-to-use customer management
  • Articles for products and services of all kinds
  • Flexible tagging
  • Online mailing
  • Comprehensive history with user comments facility
  • Fast full-text search
  • Auto-completion for many forms

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This has enabled us to make significant savings and at last we can bill the actual work that we've done at customers' premises. We have become more effective and efficient in terms of billing.

A big compliment for this great tool. It makes savings that I can pass on to my customers.

Dennis Vorpahl, AjaxSH-Media

The loose "API-cooperation" between @mite und @billomat is ground-breaking. This is how the follow-on service has to be.

Peter Hogenkamp, Blogwerk AG, via Twitter