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Flexible document titles


An invoice is called an invoice and a quote is a quote. Sounds logical but in reality it sometimes involves a little difficulty. Which is why you can now specify the names of your documents yourself. Read on »

Stationery 2.0: PDF Stationery, Backgrounds with Own Templates and Print Versions


It was a large construction site, but the efforts have paid off. We were successful at implementing three stationery requests (e-mail templates) that had been suggested to us by customers. Uploading PDFs as stationery, backgrounds, also with own templates, and the option of printing with and without background – all of this is finally possible now. Find out what’s new, here. Read on »

iZettle makes it possible: paying invoices with EC cards and credit cards


Four euros sixty-three cents. That’s the meagre contents of my wallet. It’s possible to speculate at length about the reasons for this, but actually it’s quite simple: I find cash really impractical and much prefer paying with a card. Which is where the new Billomat iOS app really comes in handy. Used in conjunction with iZettle, it lets you accept EC card and credit card payments for your Billomat invoices.
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Individual user photos


In order to make Billomat a bit more personalised, you can now upload a photo for each user. This enables you to (literally) see which activities are being done by which of your colleagues. Read on »

Archiving of customers


Nothing lasts forever. Not even business relationships. That’s why inactive customers can now be archived. We show you how it’s done and what the advantages of archiving are for you. Read on »

Incorrect PDF display in Firefox 19


If you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser, you’ll probably find that your PDF files have been looking a little different recently (= euphemism for pretty stupid). This is due to the latest Firefox update. Here we explain what you can do about it. Read on »

Happy birthday, Billomat! Five years of online invoicing


Do you still remember what it was like in late 2007/early 2008? No? I don’t remember either, because somehow five years are really quite a long time. We didn’t have the iPhone yet, Facebook was still unavailable in German and Jopi Heesters was still 104 years young. 2007 was the year in which Billomat glimpsed the electric light of the world. Here’s a review. Read on »

Use your own character font


So far, if you didn’t want to use the fonts Arial, Courier or Times, you had to create your own Word template. This situation has now been changed. You can now download the desired font and create documents in a variety of presentations. Read on »

Add a number of articles and mite entries all at once


We are happy about any constructive suggestions. And you are happy about every click you can save yourself during your daily routines. Whenever we can make it work for all of us, we have improved Billomat a little further. And this is exactly, what we achieved with improving the construction of entries. Read on »

I spy – Legal rights management in Billomat


Please keep your distance! We all know the signs in banks and the spacers in the endless queues at the post office branch. Many personal details are really no one else’s business. A few clicks in Billomat will now provide security from the curious eyes of your colleagues thanks to right management for plan L or higher. Read on »

Discounts in Billomat


Let’s talk about discounts! The undisputed number one in the features discussion panel has now turned into reality. In this blog we will demonstrate how to apply discounts to your Billomat invoices. Read on »

Customer specific terms


As a Billomat expert you will know that you can set standard terms for discounts and due dates in the settings. A new feature allows adjustments for individual customers. How about individual payment terms for customers? Read on »

Credit Notes – Reversed Invoicing


The good thing about writing invoices is that the money goes into your account. Sometimes, the money goes in another direction. From now on credit notes canbe issued with Billomat. We show you how this is possible with just a few clicks of the mouse. Read on »

Hear, Hear! The latest Billomat notifications have arrived!


>Not again! Your colleague has made comments referring to an invoice and you have missed the information. Or even worse; you are concerned, why the customer is not paying; however the payment has long been received by somebody else. It is also annoying if you miss out on the fact that a long overdue invoice remains outstanding. These situations are now history. Read on »

Project Titles and Other Suggestions from Users


How can writing invoices online be even easier? How can web-based billing software benefit you? Since the opening of the Feature Request Forums, at the beginning of the year, we have received many suggestions from you. Some of them have already been implemented, more are coming soon. Here is the first status report: Read on »

Print Billomat invoices everywhere – new Google Cloud Print AddOn


Imagine the following situations: You sit in the cafe with your laptop and you are printing a Billomat invoice on the printer at your home. Or you print out the latest estimate on your customer’s printer. Just with a fingertip on your iPad. The applications of the new Billomat function are limitless. Thanks to Google Cloud Print you print from anywhere. Even on printers that are located miles away. Read on »

Faster Bank Transfers Using BezahlCode


Does anyone still remember when the products were manually typed into the cash register? This is unimaginable today. Cans of foods, frozen pizza and tobacco products have been scanned ages. This is faster, more convenient, and significantly less prone to error. Wouldn’t it be great if the invoices could also be handled this way? It can. The payment code makes it possible. Read on »

Voilá: Delivery Notes


Now the delivery notes round off the functionality of Billomat with respect to invoices, estimates, reminders, order confirmations and credit notess. These are more than enough reasons to do a brief presentation on the new types of documents. Read on »

Hello Invoice, Vous Parlez Español?


Once again, a lot has been happening behind the scenes over the last few months. This includes the support of multiple languages. The world is moving closer together: Places and time are increasingly becoming less important. You can work online anytime, from anywhere – in as many as in 5 languages. Read on »

Credit Notes – Reversed Invoicing


The good thing about writing invoices is that the money goes into your account. Sometimes, the money goes in another direction. From now on credit notes can be issued. We show you how this is possible with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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Let’s Face It –Gravatars In Billomat


Now, when there are multiple users working within an account, user photos allow for quick introduction through comments and activities. A personal image can be assigned to each contributor in Billomat – even a “Gravatar”. There is a multitude of instructions on how to create an avatar on the Internet. Here is another constructive one…. Read on »

Flexible Invoice Numbers


Over the last few days, many small upgrades have made their way into Billomat. One of these is the practical upgrade of invoice numbers allocation. This makes Billomat even more flexible by using placeholders and left-hand zeros. This post highlights the options of this.
Billomat allots serial numbers that apply to invoices and estimates as well as articles and customers. Under Settings>Number groups, you can define a prefix so that the invoice number is placed after this prefix. The default setting there is no prefix, so that Billomat can diligently produce invoices 1, 2, 3… Read on »

Tagging With Billomat


Granted, you may become overwhelmed when you are dealing with many invoices, customers or items. At Billomat, there is a new feature which is the cure for documentation chaos: Tags. Read on »

Intelligent Placeholders for Dates and Time


By using placeholders, you can comfortably place values from different data types into invoices and estimate templates, free texts, and email templates without having to update them if their values changes. Billomat now supports over 100 placeholders for customers, invoices, estimates, taxes and more. Read on »

Maintain A Close Overview With Document Links


Billomant now supports three different types of documents: estimates, invoices and recurrings – more to come in the near future. These documents are interconnected with each other by various ways and means. In order to maintain their overview, these relationships can now be viewed quickly and easily as well as be navigated to their linked documents. Read on »

Designing Is A Feature: Improved User Interface


Designing Is A Feature: Improved User Interface. For over 2 years, the Billomat design has remained the same as it was at the end of 2007 – despite the introduction of many new features and options. The problem: Different interaction elements were frequently being used for the same feature… and vice-versa. Time for a change? Definitely! Read on »

Mite-Import Extension, Email Posts and Customer Search


Although it has been a while since we last reported on any new features, we weren’t idle at all – quite the contrary. Besides the many bug fixes and minor improvements over the last few weeks, we wanted to highlight the following extensions as such changes can easily be overlooked. We have expanded the mite integration around the “completed” filter and bookmarks. Emails can be sent to many recipients with additional attachments and more detailed researches can be done. Read on »

Billomat in Version 2.0 with Many New Features Online


We placed a lot of work, commitment, ideas and passion in the completely revised edition of Billomat. It took several months to transform the project from conception through feasibility studies to its actual development. The results of this joint effort, that has been eagerly anticipated by many, is now freely available to everyone online. Here is an overview of the key improvements: Read on »

Billomat Integrates Mite For Simple Invoicing Within Record Time


Even freelancers, often times invoice on an hourly basis. In earlier times, hourly sheets for the calculation of work hours were used. Now, there is a smarter option to track your time with the web-based time recorder mite. But despite the extensive report and export possibilities of Mite, a manual transfer of the time to an invoice was often a cramp in style and a necessary evil… until now. Read on »