Print Billomat invoices everywhere – new Google Cloud Print AddOn

Imagine the following situations: You sit in the cafe with your laptop and you are printing a Billomat invoice on the printer at your home. Or you print out the latest estimate on your customer’s printer. Just with a fingertip on your iPad. The applications of the new Billomat function are limitless. Thanks to Google Cloud Print you print from anywhere. Even on printers that are located miles away.

The three magic words are Google Cloud Print. With this free service you connect your printer easily to the internet. After that you can access it from anywhere. E.g. from your laptop, smartphone or tablet – your printer is now available from any device that just has an internet connection. Of course, it is safely protected by a password.

Is there a driver for Android phones? Where can I find a cable for my iPad? All these questions are now unnecessary if you want to print your documents with Billomat. And because you not need a cable, you even don’t need to be near a printer. Perhaps you even grant access to your customer’s printer. Then you could print the estimate immediately after the meeting at his office or simply print an invoice from your home on his printer.

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Cloud Print Setup

First a printer must be connected with a computer that runs Google Chrome (hint: there are special Google Cloud Print ready printer that are connected directly to the internet). This procedure only needs to be done one time. Then you can start sharing your printer at Chrome Options > Details > Google Cloud Print. You’re done! Google Chrome doesn’t need to run anymore. Just close it if you no longer need it.

To print Billomat documents on this printer, you should take a look at Settings> Google Cloud Print (pretty far down in the Add-Ons block). There you can activate Google Cloud Print for Billomat. That’s it.

From now on you will find a Cloud Print button for completed documents right beyond the ordinary print button. Give it a try. Print whenever you want, wherever you want.

It is no problem, if the computer that is connected to the printer, is not turned on at the moment. When the computer has a connection to the internet later, the document will be printed. Even a couple of hours later.

Do not take a risk, test now free of charge

2 responses to “Print Billomat invoices everywhere – new Google Cloud Print AddOn”

  1. Colleen says:

    I tried this several times, the first time it worked, but nothing since, however the test print paper printed from my laptop to my printer in the other room but that was it, help.My printer is a HPDeskjet f4280

    • Markus says:

      Dear Colleen,

      Please write a short email to support(AT) Maybe you can attach your Billomat-ID, which you can find in your browser’s addressbar. It is the text before With this information we can try to locate the reason for your problem much better. Thank you.

      Best regards from Germany

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