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Purchase orders, invoices, delivery notes, cancellations … Anyone selling products on Amazon has a lot of paperwork to do. With the new Billomat interface for Amazon, you can completely automate the invoicing system for your online shop.

Are you an Amazon Seller...?

and do you want to automate the invoicing system for your Amazon shop? In this case, the Billomat interface for Amazon is an extension that will save you a lot of work.

Billomat Amazon Schnittstelle

  • For whom is the Billomat interface for Amazon suitable?

The Billomat interface for Amazon can be used by all the German Amazon Central users. Unfortunately, other countries and Amazon FBA are currently not supported.

  • What does the Billomat interface for Amazon cost?

The Billomat interface for Amazon and its use are entirely free for Billomat customers. All you need is an active Billomat account and your Amazon Seller account. You will not have any further costs.

  • How does the Billomat interface for Amazon work?

Billomat checks for every purchase order of the last 7 days, which have the status "shipped", whether an invoice has already been created. Billomat then automatically creates the invoices for every purchase order that does not have an invoice yet. All the ordered products are first added to the invoice as a 19%- item, then the invoice is created and completed, and finally it is marked as paid by the system. However, currently, it is not yet possible to send the invoices entirely automatically..

  • What advantages does the Billomat interface for Amazon Seller offer?

It creates your invoices entirely automatically. All the relevant customer details will also be applied and stored in a customer file. In addition, Billomat offers different invoice templates so that you can also create invoices for your customers on international Marketplaces in the appropriate language.

  • What are the requirements to use the interface?

In order to use the Billomat interface for Amazon correctly, you need:

  • A Billomat account
  • Your seller ID
  • Your Amazon MWS token
  • Your personal Amazon market ID per country
  • How do I connect Billomat to Amazon?

You first need to activate your Billomat API access, if you haven’t done so already. We’ll explain to you how to do it in this article.
Then navigate through the settings in the sidebar to the add-ons, where you can select Amazon. Copy your developer ID and your developer name. In order to grant Billomat access to your necessary data, you can generate the necessary MWS token here.
Place the copied MWS token as well as your own Amazon seller ID under Settings > Add-ons > Amazon. Now you can get started right away!

  • What setting options are there?

You can customize your Amazon interface with the following setting options:

  • Decide whether the data reconciliation is to be done manually or automatically
  • With the manual option, you can start the data reconciliation manually by using the button "Instruct data reconciliation"
  • With the automatic option, your data will be reconciled every 5 minutes
  • It can take up to 24 hours until a new order is listed in the Amazon API
  • You can select one document template and one text template per country for the invoice and enter the market ID

Do you have questions about our Billomat interface for Amazon? Contact us!

Mario Präger
Technical Support

Maximilian Stahl
Customer Support

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