Billomat API

The billomat[API] is an open data and programming interface which enables you to access the data in your Billomat account via HTTP and XML/JSON. With this, online and desktop applications can be created which seamlessly integrate into your Billomat account.
How the billomat[API] helps your business accounting
Custom Import Tools Easily import CSV data, ERP, WaWi and CRM systems.
Invoice Automation Automate the invoicing process of online stores.
Data Analysis Analyse the data that you need for your business.
Data Transfer Transfer data directly to accountants and tax advisors.
Online Payment System Integration Connect the API to the most popular online payment systems.
Widgets Integrate widgets for iGoogle, netvibes, OSX dashboard, Windows 7 gadgets, and others.
Native Cients Set up native clients for mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile).

Or quite different mashups which we can’t even imagine yet. It’s up to you to test out the potential of the billomat[API] to its limits, and to extend the boundaries of the possible! Whether you use the billomat[API] just for your own personal requirements and develop a link to internal systems, or whether you want to make it publicly available – the decision is yours alone. You can even offer your connection on a charging basis (even if we’re pleased about connections available free of charge, of course). It’s entirely up to you!


Benefit from the Billomat Ecosystem

If you make your API application publicly available to third parties, you can benefit from our ecosystem.

The several thousand users of Billomat at home and abroad represent a large and attractive target group. Additionally, Billomat is one of the best-known web-based invoicing services in the German-speaking countries, with a strong presence in well-known online and offline media

You can profit too from Billomat’s success, and create brilliant applications with the billomat[API] that the world’s been waiting for!


Preferential support and promotion for API developers

We’ll be pleased to support your development activity with help and advice – so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re available to respond to your queries on the following email address: – 24 hours a day. Or you can phone us on +49 911 148861590.

For the purpose of developing your application we’re pleased to provide you with a free developer account. You can use this to test your application without placing your active data at risk.

Additionally, we’ll do our best to support publicly available connections to the billomat[API] with promotional activity. An announcement and thorough introduction in our Blog is the very least we’ll do.

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Get started…

The best way to get to know the billomat[API] is to start with the basics.
You can then access the documentation for retrieving the individual resources conveniently by using the menu on the right.

We wish you great success and “happy coding”!