Activity feed

List activities

GET /api/activity-feed
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<activity-feed type="array" page="1">
        <id type="integer">835694</id>
        <date type="datetime">2014-07-10T10:06:11+02:00</date>
        <title>Invoice 123</title>
        <text>Status changed from Draft to outstanding.</text>
        <id type="integer">835697</id>
        <date type="datetime">2014-07-10T09:37:50+02:00</date>
        <title>Invoice 456</title>
        <text>Invoice created.</text>
XML elementDescriptionType
resourceName of the resource (invoices, delivery-notes, …)ALNUM
idID of the elementINT
dateActivity dateDATETIME
titleTitle of the activityALNUM
textActivity textALNUM
user_idID of the user. If the activity is a system message, the ID is empty.INT


GET /api/activity-feed?page=2

You can call further activities by using the parameter page.