RESTful web service

The billomat[API] is designed as a so-called RESTful web service, where each resource is addressed by a unique URI.
What operations can be done with the resources is specified using the HTTP verbs:

GET: read resources
POST: create resources
PUT: edit resources
DELETE: delete resources
HEAD: only read header data

General Service URL

{billomatID}billomatID of the account
{ressource}ressource to be accessed
{id}ID of the specific ressource
{method}method of the general or specific resource

Data formats

Billomat understands XML and JSON for write requests. Following points should be noted:
– All requests should be in UTF-8
– Boolean values are either 1 (true) or 0 (false)
РDepending on the desired format for the write request the appropriate content type must be set in the HTTP header (application/xml or application/json).
Responses are given in XML or JSON format. Other formats (e.g. PDF) are possible for specifiv resources. You can set the output format by setting the GET parameter format (default: XML):


Alternatively, the format also be determined via an HTTP header:

Accept: application/json


JSONP is also supported. All you have to do, is to provide the param jsonp with an optional name for the callback function. The default callback function is callback.


The Content Type changes to application/javascript.