The following libraries, wrappers and frameworks are available for Billomat:


billomatwrapper by Christopher Bölter
billomat-php by tiberianmaster
Billomat Framework by Faruk Yagbasan
billoWrap by Davor Ilic


billomat-rb by Ronald Becher
x3ro-billomat-rb by Lucas Jenß
BadBill by Jan-Erik Rediger
– Billomat by Niklas Schreiber, (November 2017)


billomat4j by Oliver Siegmar


BillomatNet by Andreas Bongardt

Python API client by Jens Nistler
Python Billomat API Client Library by Gerold Penz
billomapy by Michael Bykovski


WWW-Billomat by Aldo Calpini
You have developed an additional library for the billomat[API]? Then let us know. We are happy to add this in our list!