Automated Dunning

Remind your customers of outstanding debts! You can entirely automate your dunning with Billomat in just a few clicks, including all the templates, dunning levels and fees.

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Automate your dunning with Billomat:

Create dunning templates

For each payment reminder level, you can create your own template using an individual design. Billomat uses these templates when creating reminders.

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Define dunning levels

You can create as many dunning or payment reminder levels as you want and determine the interval between the reminders all by yourself. This way, you can define your own dunning strategy.

Define dunning charges

In addition, you can define for each payment reminder level individual dunning charges (also called payment reminder charges) as well as other items, such as postage and more. Your accounting software Billomat will then automatically disclose them on your payment reminders.

Automatic dispatch of payment reminders

Once the automated dunning has been activated and one of your invoices is due, your customer automatically receives the first dunning or payment reminder after the expiry of the waiting days that you have defined previously.

Automatic stop of the dunning

When your customer pays their invoice after receiving the first payment reminder, Billomat automatically stops the dunning. However, this requires that you linked your bank accounts via the Billomat Banking feature.

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Why choose the automated dunning?

If your customers forget to pay and you do not get your money, it is quite annoying. Not only are you missing a payment, but you also need to use additional resources in order to get the money you are entitled to: you write a payment request, then a payment reminder and finally you need to constantly check your payment receipts.

In order not to devote your entire time to the dreadful dunning you can resort to Billomat. By linking your bank account to your Billomat account, Billomat can autonomously track what customer has already paid and what customer has not.

You can configure the automated dunning by Billomat in a way that it suits your company. If the customer does not pay after a certain period of time, Billomat autonomously sends payment reminders including the reminder charges. Billomat automatically takes over the entire dunning for you – until the customer has paid their debts.

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