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How does the automatic reconciliation on Billomat work?

Direct banking interface

No matter if you are at Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Sparda-Bank, Sparkasse or Raiffeisenbank, with our partner FinTec Systems we support over 3.000 banks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Link your bank account to Billomat once, and you will never again have to manually match bank statements with your invoices. Billomat does it entirely automatically for you! As a Billomat customer, you can use our banking interface completely for free.

Many foreign banks are also part of our network. We will send you an up-to-date list of all the affiliated banks or check your particular case on request.

Automatic payment reconciliation

Are you bored of browsing through your folders and the annoying typing? Link your accounting software to your business account in a few clicks and leave the reconciliation of payments and receipts to Billomat. Through the interface, Billomat gathers all the transactions in your account and automatically matches them in no time with the incoming and outgoing invoices. This way, you know at all times, which of your customers has already paid their invoice.

Fewer payment defaults thanks to the automatic dunning process

Thanks to the monitoring of your business account, Billomat always knows exactly and on a day-to-day basis, which of your invoices has not been paid yet. You can also use the Billomat dunning process in to remind defaulting customers of outstanding invoices. You can determine the reminder levels as well as the reminder fees individually and also exclude particular customers from the dunning process.

Track all the payment receipts in real-time

With the bank integration of Billomat, you always have at hand your payments in real-time. Link your business account and let all transactions be automatically transferred to your accounting programme. This way, you have an eye on all the important information and don’t need to jump between your online banking and Billomat.


  • Outstanding invoices are shown
  • Payment receipts are automatically assigned to invoices

Your data is in safe hands

The safety of our Cloud software and your data are our highest priority. When working with Billomat, your connection is secured through a 256bit SSL encryption. Our servers are located in Germany and our providers are also bound to the German data protection law. Throughout regular audits and certifications, Billomat guarantees an excellent service, the safety of all data as well as the quality of our systems.


  • SSL encrypted
  • GoBD-compliant
  • TÜV certified

Your advantages when linking your bank account to Billomat:

Fully automated:
You never have to manually match your bank statements with your received payments. Billomat automatically matches all bank transactions with your invoices.


All bank transactions are shown in real-time on Billomat. You can directly see which customers have not paid their invoices yet and remind them to do so.


You only need to select your bank and enter your bank details. Billomat will be linked to your bank account and thus take over all the work for you!


The most frequent questions about Billomat Banking.

  • How do I activate Billomat Banking?

You will be able to activate the bank integration over the menu option > Banking. Simply select your bank and enter the access data. After this, you only need to agree to the terms and conditions, and the connection between Billomat and your bank account is established.

  • Is Billomat Banking really free of charge?

The banking feature is entirely free for Billomat users from the Business plan upwards. The only thing you need to do, is to activate the bank integration in your Billomat account and agree to the terms and conditions. The banking feature is not included in the Solo plan.

  • How does the automatic payment reconciliation work?

Three times a day, Billomat aggregates all your banking transactions of the last 90 days and matches them with your incoming and outgoing invoices in your Billomat account. Of course, you can also do a manual reconciliation of your banking transactions. During the reconciliation, every new revenue on your bank account will be checked individually to see whether there is an outstanding invoice, credit note or purchase invoice for the customer or provider with the same bank account. If a matching document is found in your account, Billomat automatically posts the payment and changes the document’s status to paid.


  • Which banks can I link to Billomat?

You can link almost every bank in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Billomat. We also send you a list with all the affiliated banks on request. We also support numerous banks abroad and the network is continuously growing.

  • Up to now, I worked with the figo interface. What will happen to my postings?

Our cooperation with figo ends on March 1st 2019. But don’t worry, if you were using the figo interface up to now, all revenues posted from figo will remain and will still be shown within Billomat. You can still see and retrospectively post the transactions that have already been retrieved via figo.

  • How do I switch from figo to the new Billomat Banking?

It is very simple! All you need to do is to renew your bank account. To do this, select your bank in the menu option > Banking, enter again the bank’s access data and accept the terms and conditions. We will take over then. You do not need to create an account with our partner FinTech Systems. Everything happens directly from your Billomat account.

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