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What is clockodo?

Clockodo is all about time. Save time by tracking time. That means: clockodo is an easy to handle time tracking tool which disposes of access to Billomat. Our clockodo add-on helps you to directly create an invoice based on the time you recorded on clockodo.
These arguments speak in particular for clockodo:
  • On clockodo, not only can you record your working time in a precise and fast way, but it is also possible to set separate filters for customers, tasks and projects.
  • Thanks to an intuitive user interface, almost no familiarization with the program is required, so that you can get started with the time tracking right away.
  • A variety of features, interfaces and a competent support team make clockodo as comprehensive and simple as possible.

For whom is the clockodo add-on suited?

Clockodo is suited for self-employed persons and freelancers from every sector. The users can use the recorded time as the basis for their invoices.

What does clockodo cost?

Clockodo costs 6,50 € per employee and per month. However, the tool offers you a free trial period of 14 days, which allows you to get to know the benefits of the add-on.

What advantages does the clockodo add-on offer?

The working time recorded on clockodo can be converted into invoices in only a few steps in your accounting software.

Your benefits of the clockodo add-on for Billomat:


  • the symbiotic interlocking of time tracking and invoicing
  • no working on two fronts, but constructive synchronisation between clockodo and Billomat
  • Possibility of adapting – no invoice is generated without your consent and you can still check and extend all of your data

What are the prerequisites to use the add-on?

For the use of the clockodo add-on for Billomat you need:


  • a clockodo account
  • a permanent internet connection
  • an up-to-date browser or a smartphone

How do I connect Billomat to clockodo?

In order to charge your working time profitably, you first need your billomatID and your API key from Billomat. You can find your API key under Settings > Administration > Employees. Select here your account over „edit“. Now you can activate the access to the API, provided you haven’t done it already, display and copy the corresponding API key.
Now, register on clockodo. You can access the company settings through the gearwheel symbol. Then, you can select Billomat as invoice application and enter your billomatID, the API key and the default rate for the VAT.
After saving, you can now import your articles and customers from Billomat.
As soon as you have recorded your time with clockodo, the link with the label „Create invoice“ will be displayed. By clicking on it, you can assign the recorded time to a specific Billomat customer and proceed to further settings regarding your invoice creation, like, for example, the selection of an article number. The generated invoice will then be lodged as a draft in your Billomat account; you can, therefore, adapt, edit and extend it anytime.

Step by step instructions:


① Have your billomatID and API key at hand
② Log in to
③ Enter your billomatID and the API key in the company settings and check the connection
④ After the time tracking, select „Create invoice“
⑤ Assign the invoice to the corresponding customer and adjust the settings individually
⑥ Check again your invoice on Billomat, adapt it if necessary and complete it
Get started!

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