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What is Dropbox?

With cloud-based storing services such as Dropbox it is possible to save all the documents that you have created with Billomat in a separate environment. Your invoices, reminders, etc. are hence not only saved in Billomat but in your Dropbox as well. Furthermore, our add-on enables the automatic import of your purchase invoices from your Cloud memory to Billomat.

For whom is the Dropbox add-on suited?

The Dropbox add-on for Billomat is suited for all our customers without any restrictions. From freelancers to startups.

What does Dropbox cost?

Dropbox offers a free plan that includes storage of 2 GB as well as a chargeable plan for 8,25 €/month. With the latter, you can store files up to 1 TB (1024 GB) in the Cloud.

What advantages does the Dropbox add-on offer?

By extending Billomat with the Dropbox add-on, the following features become available to you in your accounting software:


  • Save all the documents you have created with Billomat to your personal Cloud.
  • Import your purchase invoices automatically from your Cloud to Billomat.

What are the prerequisites to use the add-on?

For the use of the Dropbox add-on for Billomat you need:


  • a Dropbox account
  • an internet connection

How do I connect Billomat to Dropbox?

If you want to connect your Billomat account to your Dropbox, you can proceed as follows: navigate over the path Settings > Add-ons > Cloud memory to the overview of the offered Cloud add-ons. Under „Document types“ you can first configure which document types should be imported into your personal Cloud.
After this, you can select your Cloud service. In order to connect your Billomat account with your Dropbox, select „Connect to Dropbox“. By clicking on this button, Billomat redirects you directly to the Dropbox login area. Log in there as usual. Dropbox will then ask you, if you want to allow the connection between Billomat and Dropbox. Click on „Allow“ in order to complete the connection between Dropbox and Billomat.
Tip: In addition, you can configure to which of your Dropbox folders you want to import your documents. To do this, simply click on „Click here to assign a folder“ and then select the folder from the menu.

Step by step instructions:


① On Billomat, follow the path Settings > Add-ons > Cloud memory
② Determine under “Document types” which of your documents should be imported to your Cloud
③ Click on “Connect to Dropbox” further down
④ Log in as usual to Dropbox
⑤ Allow the connection between Billomat and Dropbox by clicking on “Allow”
⑥ Click on “Click here to assign a folder” in order to determine a folder to which your documents should be imported
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