What is Google Cloud Print?

Google Cloud Print is a Google extension that allows you to print on your home printer and which only requires an internet connection. You are on a vacation on Hawai and you do not want to ask your friends to print something for you? Simply select the option Google Cloud Print when printing and your document will even be printed in Podunk. Assuming there is internet there.

For whom is the Google Cloud Print add-on suited?

Google Cloud Print is suited for all our customers without any restrictions.

What does Google Cloud Print cost?

Google Cloud Print is a free service provided by Google. Therefore, you do not pay anything for using it.

What advantages does the Google Cloud Print add-on offer?

By extending Billomat with the Google Cloud Print add-on, the following features become available to you on Billomat:


  • Order to print all the documents supported by Billomat on your home printer – even when being on the go

What are the prerequisites to use the add-on?

For the use of the Google Cloud Print add-on for Billomat you need:


  • a cloud-ready printer or an active computer
  • a permanent internet connection

How do I connect Billomat to Google Cloud Print?

In order to connect Billomat to Google Cloud Print, go to Add-ons > Google Cloud Print in your settings.
By clicking on the green button, you will be asked to log in to the corresponding Google account. Done! Google automatically recognizes which printers are accessible on your account and you can select your favourite printer, or simply the one which is closest.

Schritt für Schritt Anleitung:


① Log in to Billomat
② Follow the path Add-Ons -> Google Cloud Print
③ Click on the green button
④ Log in to your Google account
Get started!

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