What is Highrise?

Combine accounting and customer management

Was ist Highrise?

Highrise is an efficient CRM software, primarily for small companies, to share tasks, notes, financial statements, email histories and others within your company, to analyse data and to contact customers.
Highrise supports you in the following tasks:
  • Simple and efficient communication with customers
  • Sharing of different types of files with co-workers
  • Structuring of internal processes
  • Creation and distribution of tasks

For whom is the Highrise add-on suited?

The Highrise add-on is particularly suited for smaller companies such as startups, as well as small and medium-sized companies. There is also Basecamp as an alternative.

What does Highrise cost?

Highrise costs 24$ per month in the basic plan. However, the tool offers a free trial period, which allows you to get to know the benefits of the add-on.

What advantages does the Highrise add-on offer?

Highrise can do a lot, but not everything.
For example, write and send invoices, estimates, credit notes, reminders or letters to your customers within only a few seconds. This is where Billomat comes into play. The contacts you have already created with Highrise can be imported to your Billomat account within a few steps. This allows you to extend your customer management skills even more and saves you a lot of time.

Your advantages of the Highrise add-on:

  • No manual transfer of information necessary: import your Highrise customers in a few seconds!
  • Your customer management is extended without any problems: write invoices, reminders, credit notes, letters to the customers you are already managing with Highrise

What are the prerequisites to use the add-on?

For the use of the Highrise add-on for Billomat you need:

  • a Highrise account

How do I connect Billomat to Highrise?

Our import system allows you to upload your Highrise customers into your Billomat account. Under Master data > Customers > Import, you will also find the connection to Highrise as an option. If you already own a Highrise account and if you want to import your customers from there to your Billomat account, simply click on the corresponding logo. You must then enter the name of your Highrise account and your API token. You will receive your token by logging in to Highrise as an account holder and by clicking first on „My info“ at the upper right corner and then on „Integrations“.
In addition, you have the possibility to specify your import by indicating particular limiting search keys. By clicking on „Search for customers“, you can activate the search. Then you can select which customer you want to import from Highrise to your accounting software.

Step by step instructions:

Log in to Billomat
Follow the path Master data > Customers > Import
Select Highrise as the format that is to be imported
Log in to www.highrisehq.com as an account holder and copy the account name as well as the API token
Enter the account name and the API token in Billomat
If necessary, add search keys and click on “Search for customers”
Check your selection and complete the import
Get started!

Got any questions?

You will find further information in our FAQ.
For bigger problems, you can also contact our customer support.

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