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What is Mite?

Thanks to its clear structure, mite offers you a perfect overview of all your completed projects and performances, down to the exact second.

Especially recurring projects can be optimally organized and budgeted in advance, because completed projects are archived and not deleted after some time.
To record the exact service, the mite add-on for Billomat offers two possibilities:


  • On the one hand, the classic version, entering the work performance manually.
  • On the other hand, an automatic recording of the time by means of a stopwatch that is integrated into mite, which runs in the background after the user has selected a project.

Of course, many more features are included, for example, a timesheet feature.

For whom is mite suited?

The mite add-on for Billomat is suited for self-employed persons and freelancers from every sector. The users can use the recorded time as the basis for their invoices.

What does mite cost?

Mite costs 5 € per month. However, the tool offers you a free trial period of 30 days, which allows you to get to know the benefits of the add-on.

What advantages does mite offer?

By extending Billomat with the mite add-on, the following features become available to you on Billomat:


  • Directly bill the hours spent on a project via a new position in the invoice that is to be issued

What are the prerequisites to use the add-on?

For the use of the mite add-on for Billomat you need:


  • a mite account
  • a permanent internet connection
  • an up-to-date browser or a smartphone

How do I connect Billomat to mite?

First, a connection between your accounting software and mite is required. To do this, click on your username in the program mite, provided you have already signed up, and activate the access to the API. After the API key is displayed, you can copy and paste it to Billomat under Settings > Add-ons > Time tracking mite.

Step by step instructions:


① Log in to mite
② Click on „My user“
③ Activate the access to the API
④ Copy the API key
⑤ On Billomat, follow the path Settings > Add-ons > Time tracking mite
⑥ Enter the mite subdomain and the API key

⑦ Save
Get started!

After having recorded the working time in mite, it is possible to bill the service in only a few steps. When you want to create a new invoice, a button „New item from time tracking mite“ will appear in the position field. Billomat directly accesses the data that you have lodged in mite.
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