What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free expansion of WordPress which enhances your content management system with features of an online shop. WooCommerce is one of the most used online shop systems worldwide. With WooCommerce, you can launch an online shop within a few minutes without any previous knowledge.

For whom is the WooCommerce add-on suited?

The Billomat plugin for WooCommerce is suitable for all online shops that want to automate their invoicing. The direct link between the accounting software Billomat and the WooCommerce shop enables a direct invoicing based on the incoming orders.
To do so, the plugin reverts to the customer data and generates a pdf invoice in the design of your choice and with the text templates you have selected. In the plugin settings, you can also adapt to the degree of automation of the invoice dispatch according to your own needs.

What does WooCommerce cost?

The plugin Billomat WooCommerce and its use are entirely free of charge for Billomat customers. The only requirements are an active Billomat account with sufficient contingent and your own online shop.

How does Billomat WooCommerce work?

As soon as you have successfully connected Billomat and WooCommerce, the plugin becomes fully operational and automates the invoicing analogously to the incoming purchase orders.


1. Purchase order in the online shop: The plugin creates a new customer on the basis of the order data. The data will be synchronized on both sides. For example, if you make modifications to the customer data in your Billomat account, the customer data in WooCommerce will be adapted simultaneously.

2. Completion of the purchase order: As soon as you have completed an ordering process via WooCommerce, Billomat automatically creates a pdf invoice on the basis of the incoming purchase order. You can call up the invoice both in your WooCommerce customer data and in your invoice overview on Billomat.

3. Email to the customer: The invoice will directly be sent to the customer (depending on the configuration), either as an attachment to your confirmation email or as a separate email from your Billomat account.

4. Dispatch of the purchase order: In addition, the plugin also creates a delivery note that you can add to the product. You can call up the delivery note in your WooCommerce customer data.

What advantages does the WooCommerce add-on offer?

By installing the Billomat plugin for your WooCommerce shop, you can completely automate your invoicing. The plugin automatically generates a new customer in your Billomat account for every incoming order. The synchronization of customer data is made on both sides. This way, your customer data remain up-to-date at all times.
As soon as you mark an order as „completed“ in your online shop, Billomat WooCommerce automatically generates a pdf invoice for this order. If you want to, the plugin also sends this invoice automatically to the customer. In addition, you can also directly print the delivery note for the dispatch.


All the Billomat WooCommerce features in a nutshell:


  • The purchaser will automatically be created as customer in Billomat (master data)
  • The purchaser receives status information on his order via email
  • Automatic generation of one invoice per order process (on completion)
  • Automatic invoice dispatch to the shop purchaser via email
  • Manual invoice corrections / cancelling invoices in case of return
  • Manual output of delivery notes via Billomat and in the shop backend
  • Synchronization of invoice and customer data between the shop and Billomat

What are the prerequisites to use the add-on?

In order to use the Billomat WooCommerce plugin you need:


  • a WooCommerce shop
  • a Billomat account (with sufficient contingent)
  • the installation file for Billomat WooCommerce (download the Billomat WooCommerce plugin)
  • One-time connection between WooCommerce and Billomat

How do I connect Billomat to WooCommerce?

1. Download the Billomat WooCommerce plugin!

In order to connect Billomat to your online shop, you need our Billomat WooCommerce plugin. You can download the plugin here for free:

Download the WooCommerce Plugin


2. Install the Billomat plugin!

Move the installation file to the folder „/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-billomat“ or install it through the WordPress plugin management. Then, activate the Billomat plugin through the plugin page.


3. Connect your shop to Billomat!

After having successfully installed the plugin, you need to connect your WooCommerce shop to your Billomat account. You will get to the input screen through > WooCommerce > Settings > Billomat.Here, you need to enter your account’s billomatID as well as your API key. Then, click on  “Save changes”, in order to establish the connection between Billomat and WooCommerce.

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