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6 Benefits of the WooCommerce Add-On.

Automated invoicing of incoming orders.
Connect Billomat to your online store to automatically create and send the right invoice for every order in WooCommerce. Thus you save valuable resources.
Automatische Synchronisation des Rechnungsstatus.
As soon as a customer pays an invoice, WooCommerce synchronizes with your accounting and the billing status in Billomat changes to paid.
From the order straight through to the shipping receipt.
If you use our Add-On, you will not only benefit from automated invoice writing, but also create the matching delivery bill from it through WooCommerce.
Synchronization of portfolio and customer data.
With every order in WooCommerce, your CRM and portfolio synchronize in Billomat. When a new product is ordered, the accounting software directly creates a new position.
Location-independent invoicing of orders.
Whether in the office or on the beach: You can manage the invoicing of incoming orders from anywhere with our Add-On or simply let Billomat take care of it automatically.
Automatic correction run for cancellations.
If a customer withdraws from a purchase, Billomat allows you to automatically issue a suitable correction invoice for the cancellation.

Billomat and WooCommerce

Handle automated accounting directly in your online store.

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds the functionalities of an online store to your content management system. WooCommerce is one of the most used online store systems worldwide and can be set up and used within minutes, even without any previous knowledge.


With the connection to the accounting software Billomat you have the possibility to map the entire invoicing process centrally and automatically in only one tool. Through the integration, you synchronize orders, invoices and delivery bills and always have an overview of incoming transactions and open payments.


Who is the WooCommerce Add-On suitable for?

The Billomat Add-On for WooCommerce is suitable for all online stores that want to automate their invoicing. The connection between the accounting software Billomat and the WooCommerce store enables direct invoicing based on incoming orders. For this purpose, the Add-On accesses the orderer data and generates a PDF invoice in your preferred design and with the text templates you selected.
In the settings you can flexibly adjust the degree of automation of the invoice dispatch according to your needs and thus retain full control over your invoicing at any time.


What does WooCommerce cost?

The Add-On for WooCommerce and its use is completely free for Billomat customers. All you need is an active Billomat account with sufficient contingent and your own online store.
Get started now and install the Billomat Add-On for your WooCommerce store to automate billing processes easily and flexibly.
Download the Add-On now


How does the WooCommerce Add-On work?

Once you have successfully connected Billomat and WooCommerce, the Add-On will automatically take over the invoicing for incoming orders.

1. Order in the online shop.
The Add-On creates a new customer contact based on the orderer data. The data is synchronized in both Billomat and WooCommerce. For example, if you make changes to the customer data in your Billomat account, the orderer data will also be adjusted in WooCommere.

2. Invoicing
Billomat automatically generates a PDF invoice based on the order received in your online store. Via the settings you can define exactly at which time the invoice should be issued for each payment method. You can view the invoice in the customer data of WooCommerce as well as in your invoice overview in Billomat.

3. Email to customers.
The invoice will be sent (depending on the configuration) directly to the customer contact, either as an attachment to your confirmation email or as a separate email from your Billomat account.

4. shipping of the order.
In addition, the Add-On creates a shipping receipt, which you can attach to the order. You can find the shipping receipt in the customer data of WooCommerce.


What advantages does the Add-On offer?

By installing the Add-On for your WooCommerce store, you can automate your invoicing completely . For each incoming order, the plugin automatically generates a new customer contact in your Billomat account. The synchronization of the customer data takes place parallely in Billomat and WooCommerce, so that your data remains up-to-date at any time. The WooCommerce Add-On automatically creates a PDF invoice for each order, saving you manual effort. If you like, the Add-On sends the invoice automatically to the customer as well. In addition, you can directly print out a shipping receipt for the delivery.


All features of Billomat and the WooCommerce Add-On at a glance:


  • Customers receive status information about the order by email
  • Automatic generation of an invoice per order transaction
  • Automatic sending of invoice to the store orderer by email
  • Automatic correction or cancellation invoices are possible on return
  • Manual output of shipping receipts via Billomat and in the store backend
  • Synchronization of invoice, customer and item data between store and Billomat

What are the prerequisites to use the Add-On?

To use the WooCommerce Add-On you need:

  • a WooCommerce online store
  • a Billomat account (with sufficient quota)
  • the installation file for Billomat-WooCommerce (To WooCommerce Plugin)
  • One-time connection between WooCommerce and Billomat

How do I connect Billomat to WooCommerce?

1. Request the WooCommerce plugin

To connect Billomat with your online store, you need our Billomat WooCommerce Plugin. Just write us a short email to


2. Install the Billomat plugin

Move the installation file to the directory “/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-billomat” or install it via WordPress Plugin Management. Then activate the Billomat plugin in your online store via the plugin page.


3. Connect your store with Billomat

Once you have successfully installed the plugin, all you need to do is connect your WooCommerce store with your Billomat account. Via WooCommerce > Settings > Billomat you reach the corresponding input mask. Enter the Billomat ID of your account and your API-Key. Then click Save Changes to establish the connection between Billomat and WooCommerce.

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