Die Billomat App – Accounting app to go

From Berlin to Bali: With the Billomat Accounting app you can manage your accounting from any location. The app includes all the relevant functions of an accounting software and allows you to create invoices, send estimates and scan receipts.

Invoices and Estimates

Create and send invoices, estimates and payment reminders via app and save time.

Mobile Banking

Effortlessly manage your finances in the app – from the palm of your hand.

Scan Receipts

Always keep track of your accounting by scanning and categorizing receipts directly via your smartphone.


Find customer and supplier contracts with ease in the Billomat app and make your accounting hassle-free.

Accounting adapted to your business.

If you are always on the move, the Billomat Accounting app gives you unlimited freedom with digital receipts and its innovative cloud technology, making your business life easier. The accounting software along with the invoice app allows you to make the most of your accounting.

✔ Create estimates and invoices on the go

✔ Digitize documents with your smartphone camera

✔ Register receipts and more

✔ Manage customer and supplier contacts

✔ Always keep track of your finances

✔ Manage your product portfolio and prices

Invoices and receipts

Use your time wisely – whether it be at the bus stop or at the airport. With the Billomat Accounting app you can create professional invoices and estimates on your smartphone in just 10 seconds. Select a customer, add the items to be charged to the invoice and send the document.

Receipt scan

Save paper and time: The Billomat Accounting app allows you to scan all documents with your smartphone and categorise them. In this way you have all your invoices, estimates, payment reminders and receipts organised in one place.
1) Scan the receipt with the app
2) Upload the photo into the Billomat app
3) Confirm the upload with just one click

Mobile Banking

Banking has never been that easy! Our mobile app shows you when a payment has been received from a customer, so you can book it directly and mark open receivables as settled. Thanks to Billomat’s cloud technology, the payment entries on all your devices remain synchronized and up to date.


In the Billomat app, all customer data, contacts, suppliers and articles are listed and categorised. Manage your product portfolio and prices at any time or add new contacts to the CRM. All changes are synchronized in real time in the Billomat web application, so you never lose track of all your customers.

Frequently asked questions about the Billomat app:

Is the Billomat Accounting app really free of charge?

Yes, as a Billomat user, you can download our app for free and use all the features. The mobile app is the perfect complement to the Billomat accounting software.

For which devices is the Billomat app available?

The Billomat app is available for iOS as well as Android. Currently there is no separate tablet version of Billomat. For this purpose, please use the Billomat web application through your browser.

  • How do I get to know about new app features?

    We keep on improving our mobile apps continuously. We will inform you regularly about any updates through our blog and our social media channels.

  • How secure is the Billomat App?

    We use the same security standards for our Billomat Mobile App as for our web application. To protect your data from unauthorized third parties on your smartphone, you can activate a PIN, TouchID or FaceID in the Billomat invoice App. This turns your accounting into a safe space that is highly protective of your data.