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Import your customers from Basecamp and Highrise

A cobbler should stick to his last. Accordingly Billomat specializes in online invoicing. But what if you need more? The solution is to interface with other services. Today we show you how to combine Billomat with Basecamp and Highrise very easily.

We are often asked if Billomat shouldn’t be extended with CRM functions or even project management features. Our answer is always the same: No! Billomat is an easy-to-use online billing software. And it will be in future. Other features that are not part of the core task would interfere more than it would help. But there is some good news, too. Thanks to online interfaces Billomat works with several other services that cover the desired functions very fine.

For CRM issues Highrise is a possible solution. Those who are looking for an online project management tool should take a closer look at Basecamp. And the best thing is that Billomat has an import function for both products made by 37signals.

Do you want to import your customers from Basecamp or Highrise? Both imports are possible in Billomat with a few clicks. Just open the menu Clients > Import. You can not only import customer’s data via CSV file or vCard but also choose Highrise and Basecamp as import sources. For both you need an API token for each service. At Highrise you’ll get this token, if you’ll log in to Highrise and first click at “My Info” and then at “API token”. At Basecamp the procedure is similarly straightforward. Here you will see your API key by clicking at “My Info”> “Show your tokens”.

Equipped with the API token, you can start importing the customer data. First the data from Highrise resp. Basecamp will be displayed to you. If necessary you can correct the data here.

Let’s start the import. A few seconds later your contacts from Basecamp or Highrise are available at Billomat and you can write invoices for them. Really easy, isn’t it.

As CEO at Billomat, his key areas are the strategic business and product development. During his studies he founded his first company. During the past 8 years, Paul-Alexander Thies worked in leadership positions as Senior Manager at Groupon, Payleven (Rocket Internet) & Travador.
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