Country-specific configurations

Are you interested in Billomat, however you have an office outside of Germany? This is no problem at all!

Thanks to country-specific configurations, Billomat can be used in many other countries like, for example, in Austria, Switzerland and many more.

Billomat is international!

Do you have co-workers from different nationalities in your company? No problem. Billomat is also available in the following languages:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese


Configure individual tax rates

Steuersatz anlegen Billomat

Different countries mean different tax rates. Whether it is 7%, 19%, 20% or 21% – on Billomat you can set different tax rates. This way, you can adapt Billomat specifically to your country.


Monitor account movements automatically

Apart from a variety of German banks, some Austrian banks are also supported.

Use different locales

Gebietsschemen Billomat Funktionen

Creating invoices for foreign customers is also possible on Billomat. In order to create documents in the correct language, you need to set the right locale for the customer in question. The selection of the locale works analogously to the language versions. Furthermore, you have the possibility to define tax-free countries.

All the documents in the language that you need!


With Billomat you can create all your documents in every language you need. It is very simple.

Billomat offers you free translated invoice templates for this purpose.

Write your first online invoice now with the Billomat invoicing program!

Download the Billomat app on your smartphone!


Whether you are at the airport, the coffee shop or at the beach: with the Billomat app you can do your
accounting whenever and wherever you want!

Ideal for business trips and external meetings!

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