The app for Salesforce creates invoices and estimates for your business based on opportunities.
This documentation will help you to setup the app and will inform you about the newest releases and changes.

If you need further information or help, please contact our support team

The app will help you with your process optimization for creating invoices and estimates. You could create your documents by button click or fully automated based on a trigger.
The best thing is that the information in the documents is fully customizable.

Here is a possible workflow:

  • Create an opportunity and add products to it
  • Create a customer and an estimate in Billomat when the stage “Developing” is reached
  • Attach the estimate to the opportunity automatically
  • Create an invoice in Billomat when the opportunity stage “Closed/Won” is reached and the checkbox “Create invoice” is checked and send it to the customer
  • Get the payment in Billomat and book it automatically to the invoice