More versatile than a
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Billomat offers so many different features that it is impossible to list them all here.
We selected the 10 most important topics for you, however you can still decide to test Billomat for free during 60 days and get to know all the features.
Billomat Funktionen Rechnungen Angebote

Invoices, estimates and more

Create invoices, estimates, credit notes, reminders and much more with only a few clicks: Simply select the customer, add the article or service and click on send! Use our invoice template including all the mandatory details or upload your individual design!

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Billomat Funktionen Schnittstellen Add-Ons

Interfaces and add-ons

Billomat has many interfaces to third party providers. Connect Billomat with your online shop or use the add-ons for time management, project management and CRM.

The open programming interface and data interface offer the possibility to develop individual solutions.

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Automatic document recognition

Collect and manage your receipts digitally with Billomat. No matter if it is an email, a pdf or jgp, the intelligent text recognition saves you the trouble to type out  the invoice numbers manually and automatically creates a purchase invoice.

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Automatic payment matching

Connect your business account to Billomat. Our banking automatically matches the transactions from your account with open items in your Billomat account. This avoids you to type out manually your bank statements.

Billomat Payment: Sende deinem Kunden einen Online-Zahlungslink.

Online payment

Send your customers a Paylink and offer them a fast and effective way of paying their invoices with the payment method of their choice.

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Billomat Funktionen Kunden Lieferanten

Customers and suppliers

Thanks to our CRM, you can easily manage your customers and suppliers. This means that invoices, estimates and all kind of processes are assigned automatically to the corresponding contacts.

With Billomat, you always keep track of your customers and suppliers, no matter where you are.

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Billomat Funktionen Artikel und Dienstleistungen

Products and services

Manage all your products and services in a database and define prices, units or tax rates per article, among other things.  This way, you can easily add your articles as item in your documents.

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Billomat Funktionen Einnahmen und Ausgaben

Income and expenditures

With Billomat, you control your income and expenditures easily. Design your very own finance dashboard per drag & drop. This way, you are always up to date regarding the development of your sales and costs and you can keep track of your most important customers.

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Billomat Funktionen App

Mobile apps

Manage your accounting easily while being on the go. The Billomat app for iOS and Android is the perfect addition to the web application. Send invoices and estimates with your smartphone and always carry your customer and article data with you.

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Billomat Funktionen Automatisches Mahnwesen

Automatic dunning

Define individual dunning levels and dunning fees. If you want to, Billomat automatically reminds defaulting customers of outstanding invoices and sends reminders per email. This way, you get your money faster.

Country-specific configurations

Do you have your office outside of Germany? No problem! Thanks to the individual tax rates and the locale, you can also use Billomat abroad. Our software is available in German, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Billomat Funktionen Mitarbeiter Rollen

Employees and roles

Billomat offers you the possibility to work together with your team. Define access rights and the right to edit for your employees in a fast and precise manner. The time zone and the language can be adjusted individually for every employee.

Thanks to the RSS feed, a chronological overview of all activities is possible.

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