Billomat Features

Digitize and automate your accounting -
From the invoice to the payment reminder
including access to your accountant.

You can now do your accounting effortlessly. Billomat is easy to use and you do not need any prior knowledge:

  • Create professional estimates and invoices
  • Manage payments
  • Prepare everything for your accountant
  • and much more

Billomat is a cloud-based accounting software that works without installation and meets the latest security requirements. On this page, you will find detailed information about the Billomat features. If you are missing any feature or if you have any questions, contact our support at!

Create Online Invoices

Create professional invoices in less than 1 minute and automate recurring invoices for subscription services. Use our free invoice templates including all mandatory fields or upload your design.

Digitise receipts

Record receipts and invoices with Billomat. You can do this by e-mail, PDF, JPG or in paper form – the intelligent text recognition saves you the hassle of typing out all the information.


Send payment reminders

Set up reminder levels and let Billomat chase those overdue invoices with automated reminders so you get paid faster.


Order Processing

With Billomat, you can create professional estimates, order confirmations and delivery notes in a few clicks allowing you to process your orders. The best bit? You can do all of this in front of your customer using a tablet or smartphone.


Recurring Invoices

Do you have to create the same invoice again and again? For example, for real estate, maintenance or subscriptions? You can save this time immediately: set up recurring invoices and define when and how often they should be sent. Billomat will automatically create and send the invoices for you.

Credit Notes

Do you need to cancel an invoice? No problem. Simply create a credit note from the invoice amend any relevant parts and send it to your customer.

CRM and Inventory

Manage all your master data in the Billomat CRM. Whether customers and suppliers or products and services – you always have access to your contacts and portfolio.

Automatic Bank Reconciliation

Link Billomat with your business account to automatically reconcile incoming and outgoing transactions with your invoices and receipts. You can also send your customers a Paylink offering them a fast way of paying their invoices with one click. This way, you get your money faster.


Tax Return and Financial Statements

The perfect preparation for your tax return and financial statements! Create a DATEV export according to your needs. You can also invite your accountant to access your Billomat account.

Mobile Accounting Accounting wherever you are.

Create invoices and estimates on the go with the Billomat app on your smartphone. Thanks to the mobile document scanner, a receipt will never get lost again. Take a picture with your smartphone camera. Billomat automatically records all relevant data and digitises the receipt for you.

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Add-Ons and API

Expand Billomat via our many add-ons with your favourite CRM, shop system, cloud storage or time tracking. Or adapt Billomat individually to your needs and use our developer interface.

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Employees and Roles

Billomat enables collaboration within the team. Set up access and editing rights for your employees. Time zone and language are individually adjustable for each employee. Thanks to the RSS feed, a chronological overview of all activities is possible.


Revenues Expenses

Revenues and Expenses

Track your revenues and expenses using the finance dashboard. With Billomat it is very easy to control your business. Create a custom finance dashboard with the drag and drop function. You have a real-time view of your sales and your most important customers.

Country-Specific Configurations

Thanks to the individual tax rates and localisation, you can also use Billomat with an international team and to invoice clients abroad. Our software is available in German, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Frequently Asked Questions
All the answers about Billomat

  • What are the Billomat basic features?

    With Billomat you can do everything you need to complete your order processing. You can create and send estimates, delivery notes, invoices, credit notes and payment reminders. Billomat also provides the automation of recurring invoices – invoices that need to be created and sent regularly for every invoicing cycle, for example, for subscription services. Billomat also allows you to manage and archive all your receipts. With the free Billomat mobile app, you can digitise receipts on-the-go.

  • What else can Billomat do?

    Depending on how big your business is and what your needs are, there are still many features that Billomat can fulfil for you. If you own an ecommerce business, we offer you WooCommerce and Shopify two practical solutions, that can help automate your invoicing system. You can manage your customers with a simple CRM and work together with your accountant. You can even link your bank account so Billomat can check which invoices have already been paid and chase any overdue invoices using our automated reminders. If you want to connect your accounting with your whole business ecosystem, Billomat offers you an open API. These are just a few features of Billomat. You can find a more detailed overview of our plans.

  • Does the Billomat software need to be downloaded and installed?

    No, Billomat is a web-based application. This means that you sign up online and you can immediately use all Billomat features from any device with an internet connection. A complex installation or configuration is not necessary. You can start immediately. Your data will be stored on German servers that meet all data protection and IT security requirements. The advantage of a web-based application is that your data is always available and does not depend on a device. Unlike an installed accounting software, Billomat lets you work from anywhere. Log in and get started.

  • How safe is my data at Billomat?

    For us, the security of your data has the highest priority. The safety standards that Billomat meets are regularly audited and certified to provide the best quality for you. All communication is encoded via SSL encryption. The further development of our software, as well as the hosting, takes place exclusively in Germany. Billomat complies with the ISO 27001 certification for information security management systems and an ISO 27018 certification for secure cloud solutions. We also follow the data protection and storage standards established by the GoBD and GDPR.

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