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Are you looking for a solution which allows you to create invoices automatically?

We have the solution for you: With the Billomat invoicing software, you can make professional invoices for your customers quickly. Billomat is the invoicing software for sole traders, and small and medium-sized companies. You can also make estimates, send automatic payment reminders and much more. Everything in the cloud.
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A quick and functional
invoicing software

With Billomat, you can make your invoice in a quick manner. Select your customer and the articles you want to charge him, and your invoice is already done. You can invest the time you are saving by using Billomat in your actual work. Billomat is the invoicing software that works for you!

A simple
invoicing software

Billomat can be used intuitively in no time. No time of training nor previous knowledge are required to be able to send your documents in pdf format to your customers. Your advantage: you do not have to spend more time on your accounting than you want. If you want to use an individual design for your invoices, estimates or other documents, simply upload your own template to your account, which you can easily create in Word.

Your accounting
is online

With the Billomat cloud solution it does not matter if you are using Windows or Mac, since you can make all your invoices, estimates, delivery notes and much more online in your browser or in our application. Are you at the construction site with your client? Or do you have a timeout during your business trip? The advantage is that no software installation is required, so you can use the invoicing program at any time, from anywhere and from any device.

An invoicing software that offers all the features:

With Billomat, you can make online all the documents you need for your customer, from the estimate and the delivery note to the invoice and payment reminder. The best thing is: Billomat has already integrated an automatic dunning process. If your customer forgets to pay a bill, the invoicing software checks whether the payment has already been received in your account or if there are still outstanding items. Afterwards, Billomat can automatically send a payment reminder.

The invoicing software in a nutshell:

  • Invoices, estimates, delivery notes

    Create professional invoices, estimates and more in less than 1 minute.

  • Record expenses digitally

    Upload your receipts via email, smartphone or cloud storage to your digital archive in the invoicing program.

  • CRM Management

    Access your customer and supplier contacts, articles, prices and documents at any time.

  • Users and roles

    Work as a team and define the access rights for your employees within the software.

  • Automatic dunning process

    Billomat reminds you of outstanding invoices and sends payment reminders.

  • Automatic electronic banking

    Connect Billomat to your bank account to initiate the automatic bank reconciliation.

Global overview – total freedom

Thanks to the summaries integrated in the Billomat invoicing software, you can see at one glance how your finances are doing. In addition, you can give your tax accountant access to your invoicing program, since Billomat is based on the cloud, contrary to other installation software. This way, you can stop looking for receipts for your tax advisor and dedicate yourself to the truly important things in life.


Billomat Funktionen

The invoicing software for entrepreneurs

Billomat Funktionen Angebote und Rechnungen


  • Create invoices in seconds
  • CRM for customer and portfolio files
  • Individual customer support via email and phone
  • Secure SSL encryption and German servers
  • Cash flow statement
  • Free accountant access

Check it out for yourself! Try Billomat for free and to its full extent for 60 days!

Do your accounting on your own – even if you are not an accountant

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    Try for free for 60 days

    Try all Billomat features without commitment.

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    98% customer satisfaction

    Personal customer support via email and phone in just a few minutes.

  • Invoicing in 1 minute

    Make your invoices online with 3 clicks.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I use an invoicing software?

    An invoicing software allows you to make all the required invoices within one software. Some invoicing programs may also offer the steps that precede or follow the invoice, such as the estimate and the payment reminder. It can be done in a faster manner and with less errors than a conventional written invoice, given that all necessary data, such as customer data, provided articles, etc., are stored in a database and only need to be assembled properly.

  • Does an invoicing software have advantages?

    The advantage of an invoicing software is that it offers invoice templates in conformity with the law and which contain all the mandatory details. In addition, many softwares comply with the GoBD’s main principles, that is, the correct management and storage of books, recordings and documents in electronic form as well as data access. This also means, for example, that invoices can not be modified retrospectively, as it is the case with invoices that were created with word processors.

  • Who needs an invoicing software?

    Invoicing softwares are particularly suitable for self-employed and small and medium-sized companies. However, in general, invoicing softwares are a convenient complement to any type of company. Large companies, however, usually work with a more extensive and costly ERP system which makes it easy to map the processes of larger companies.

  • Are there special invoicing softwares for small companies?

    Small companies may have a more limited budget. In addition, a reference to the exemption from VAT must be printed on the invoice, in case the small business regulation applies. Many providers of invoicing programs offer different or modular plans, so that the appropriate plan can be selected depending on the size of the company and the individual requirements. The reference to the VAT exemption constitutes one of the basic features of high-quality software. There are many invoicing softwares that mainly differ in their additional features. Hence, small entrepreneurs shall specify all the requirements for an invoicing software first, and then select the adequate software based on their list of criteria.

  • What is the advantage of a web-based invoicing software?

    Invoicing software that are not saved on the local computer, but that are available online, are called web- or cloud-based. All users can sign in online on an interface and simultaneously work in the invoicing software. In addition, the web-based software offers the possibility of using the program from different devices, such as mobile phones or tablets.

Billomat App

Download the Billomat app to your smartphone!


Whether you are at the airport, a café or the beach: with the Billomat app, you can do your accounting wherever and whenever you want!

It’s perfect for business trips and external meetings!

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  • Cloud Services Made in Germany
  • ISO 27001 27018 Zertifzierung
  • Software Made in Germany
  • SSL Verschlüsselung
Billomat Testimonial Slider
Stefan Weiss Portrait Testimonial


The mobile accessibility and the easy handling of Billomat have significantly improved our reaction speed and our ability to respond to customer requests and projects.

- Stefan Jürgen Weiß, Weiss IT Owner

Billomat Testimonial Slider
Andreas Ochs Lottaleben Testimonial


As a marketing agency, creativity is our main asset. Thanks to Billomat, I was able to reduce the time required for our accounting. I use this time now for team brainstorming and other tasks.

- Andreas Ochs, Lottaleben Media GmbH CEO

Billomat Testimonial Slider
Robin Tschöpe Portrait Testimonial


Thanks to the use of the Billomat software we were able to reduce the time required for our monthly accounting by 50%.

- Robin Tschöpe, Founder and CEO

Billomat Testimonial Slider
Jens Bayer Testimonial Billomat Portrait


It was important to simplify and automate processes already during the setting up of my business. Billomat is precisely what I needed: easy to handle while offering several features.

- Jens Bayer, medienvirus CEO

Billomat Testimonial Slider
Christian Faller Deepr Testimonial Billomat


For more than five years, we have been using Billomat to easily manage invoices and estimates. The different levels of rights given to the users make it the perfect tool for a small advertising agency like ours. We love it!

- Christian Faller, deepr CEO

Billomat Testimonial Slider
Freddy Osterberger Billomat Testimonial Portrait


I was enthusiastic from the beginning - the interface is comprehensive and intuitive - I was not overwhelmed with unnecessary features - and the support team is super friendly, professional, and personal. Respect!

- Fredy Osterberger, FDY Consulting Founder and CEO

Billomat Testimonial Slider
Jonas Hellwig Kulturbanause Testimonial Billomat


Billomat is intuitive and reliable. We can create specially tailored estimates in no time, to send them via email, to generate order confirmations and invoices from them and to organize the payments received. We are extremely satisfied!

- Jonas Hellwig, Owner

Billomat Testimonial Slider
Andreas Mast Portrait Testimonial Billomat


We have been using Billomat for many years and we are quite satisfied. With the accounting software, we were able to set up an efficient workflow for invoicing and customer management.

- Andreas Mast, Haselbröck & Mast Owner

Billomat Testimonial Slider
Florian Kehlert Portrait Billomat Testimonial


Billomat is a simple accounting software. It is easy and fast to manage customers and to create and send invoices - this way, I can fully concentrate on my patients.

-Florian Kehlert, FK Physiotherapie CEO

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