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Billomat Update: Adaptation of the pricing model

Important Billomat Update: If you are using Billomat regularly for your billing and online accounting, you surely noticed that a lot is going on since March 2016. With a new team, many new ideas and a lot of effort, we are constantly improving and developing our software.

All the changes since March 2016 in a nut shell

Launch of the Billomat app for iOS and Android: The Billomat app offers you the possibility to send your invoices and articles to your customers via smartphone and to manage your articles and contacts while being on the way. This way, you can always keep an eye on your finances, no matter where you are! The apps are continuously being enhanced. >>See more

Enhancement of the Billomat features and add-ons :

  • Payment reminders: Individually definable degrees of automation for the creation and sending of reminders used for the collection of pending debt claims, including formulation suggestions >>See more
  • Banking: Automated booking of transactions to your bank account and matching with your accounting documents on Billomat
  • Online shops: the Billomat app for Shopify automatically takes over the creation and sending of invoices for orders placed in your online shop
  • Connection to different cloud functions, for example Google Cloud Print, Google Drive
  • Improvement of the automated document recognition thanks to Gini, now available in all the plans >>See more
  • Improvement of the PixelLetter interface for the automated letter dispatch of Billomat documents, now also available for recurring invoices >>See more

Expansion of our support team and hiring of a customer manager: In order to support our customers with their accounting tool in the best possible way, we hired a customer manager and expanded our support team. Do you have problems with invoice templates or documents? Do you have any questions about the pricing model or the settings? Contact our customer manager Christoph: +49 911 148861590, email:! In addition, you will find answers to the most frequent questions in our new FAQ.

The Billomat redesign as of October 4th 2016

Last but not least: In the future, Billomat will shine in a new and modern design. Thanks to the redesign, we want to improve the performance of our tool as well as its user-friendliness. A really huge project for our technical team! After many hours of hard and exhausting work, it is time to draw back the curtains for the new design on October 4th 2016. In order to facilitate the change to the new design for our existing customers, you can still switch between the old and the new design until november.

Adaptation of the pricing model as of October 4th 2016

Thanks to our customer’s feedback, we have expanded our plans. New customers can fully test their preferred Billomat plan for an entire period of 60 days. In addition, all Billomat users, no matter which pricing model they have chosen, get individual and personal support via phone or email. >>See pricing model

Please note: As of October 4th 2016, the free plan S won’t be available anymore

As soon as the new pricing model becomes effective on October 5th 2016, the free plan won’t be available anymore. To those customers who are currently using the free plan, we recommend to choose an appropriate plan, in order to keep using Billomat. As of October 31st 2016, all the free accounts will be blocked.

In order to make the change easier, we have a special offer for all those using the free plan: Get the Billomat annual subscription for 36,- € only! With the voucher code: 86B-EFB-EF (valid until 3rd of October) you can keep using the new Billomat plan S for 12 months for only 3,- € per month:

  • 25 documents per months
  • 25 customers
  • 50 articles
  • 1 GB space
  • personal customer support

>>Redeem voucher now

Billomat Update: Price increase on October 4th2016

We have invested in the technical development and the stability of our software as well as in the expansion of a qualified team in areas like IT, accounting, customer support and marketing. Billomat continuously evolves from being a simple accounting tool to becoming an individually automated online accounting tool of high quality.

In this context, we are going to adapt our pricing model. This became necessary due to the increase of our global costs, especially with regard to program licences, personnel and the technical infrastructure. However, we did everything possible to maintain the additional amount as low as possible. >>To the pricing model

Of course, our users will get an email with all the changes being made on Billomat, so that the transition can take place without any problems.

Do you have any questions about the innovations, the features or the pricing model on Billomat? Then send us an email: or call us at +49 911 148861590.

Thank you for your trust in Billomat!

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