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Automated payment reminders on Billomat

Finally it is here: the automated payment reminders on Billomat! Since this week, you can automatically remind the invoice recipient about unpaid invoices. Once you set it up correctly, the automatic Billomat payment reminder saves you a lot of time and secures your received payments.

Don’t worry, nobody really likes to write reminders. But only if you hang on to it and if you keep reminding defaulting customers, you will get faster to your well-earned money. We put together a little checklist about the topic “How to remind correctly” in our Billomat magazine.

The automated payment reminder on Billomat – Set it up now!

Before your payment reminder can start, you first need to configure your reminder parameters. Define reminder levels, reminder periods and the degree of automation of your reminder process on Billomat and create reminder templates. Of course, you can also exclude particular customers from the automated payment reminder. In the following post, I will explain step by step how you can set up the automated payment reminder.
You can configure the automated payment reminder over the main menu, under Settings > Documents > Reminder levels. First, create a > new reminder level.


1. Create a reminder level

Assign a name to your first reminder level (e.g. reminder level 1) and create a reference, an introduction text and explanatory notes, if needed.

2. Define the reminder fee

In the next step, you can define whether or not you want to charge your customer reminder fees. By default, no reminder fees are charged. By clicking on “Yes, add additional items in the reminder”, you can define a new item including the reminder fee, which will be displayed and issued to the customer later on.

3. Define the degree of automation

Billomat can automatically create, complete or send reminders for you. Define the degree of automation for this:

  • Create
  • Complete
  • Send as e-mail
  • Send as letter (via the PixelLetter connection)

In case you choose the automatic dispatch for your reminder (via e-mail or letter), you can proceed to further settings:

  • Waiting period: When do you want to start the reminder process after the expiry of the deadline? Do you want to show goodwill or do you prefer to remind your customers directly?
  • Time: When do you want to send your reminder? Define the time for the dispatch of your reminder.
  • Letter paper: Which letter paper do you want to use? Choose the default template or use a user-defined template.
  • Attach the invoice: Do you want to send the invoice to the customer again?

4. Activate the automatic reminder run

By clicking on the button > Save, you activate the created reminder level. After this, you can create further reminder levels, analogous to the process mentioned here above. You can find an overview of all the reminder levels under Settings > Documents > Reminder levels.

Tip: Excluding particular customers

Do you have customers that you want to exclude from the automated payment reminder on Billomat, for example, because of long lasting good business relations or because you know that this customer always pays in a constant and trustworthy manner, however always a few days later? No problem!

  1. Go to the corresponding customer under >Contacts.
  2. Click on the button “Edit” in the right menu.
  3. Under >Settings >Other you can exclude the customer from the automatedpayment reminder
  4. Save the settings for this customer.

Automated payment reminder on Billomat. Any more questions?

Do you have more questions about the automated payment reminder on Billomat? Do you miss particular functions and settings? Then contact our support team under

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