Blog   17.5.2016

The Billomat app for Android devices has been launched!

“Simply write invoices online“, this has always been the Billomat credo. Nevertheless, nowadays, “online“ doesn’t simply mean “online“ anymore. Some years ago, you had to sit in front of the computer in order to submerge into the wide world of the internet, whereas nowadays you can do this pretty much from anywhere – while sitting on a bench, at a swimming pool or in a shopping mall – thanks to smartphones and tablets.

Be online at any time with the new Billomat app for Android

For some it may be a blessing, for others a curse. But the fact is: smartphones have revolutionized our society and changed our daily life. We are online anywhere at any time. This is why invoices are not just written from the home computer anymore, but also while being on the go. Until now this was possible only via the conventional browser, which was, generally speaking, very difficult and impractical for the smartphone user. This is the reason why more and more demands for a mobile app reached us, an app, which enables us not only to use Billomat from any place, but also to use it from any device that is up to it. We followed these suggestions and now we are making it official: the wait is finally over, it has finally arrived – the mobile Billomat app for all Android-based tablets and smartphones!

The addition to the browser version

To create an app is always a challenge. On the one hand it has to be clearly structured, handy and of easy use. On the other hand though, it has to offer all the features that its big brother, the “browser application“, also possesses. A real balancing act, so to say, which is why we decided to integrate only the basic features in our app first, and then to develop our app in order to make the range of offers broader – without, however, losing the clear structure of our app and without any other restrictions. Now it’s your turn: we are depending on your feedback, your experiences, your wishes, your reviews. Don’t be shy with it, tell us, what is going well, what has to be improved and what definitely has to be added. The most important thing for an app in the beginning phase, is its user’s reactions.
Shortly after its launch, the Billomat app already offers a wide range of features, which allow you an efficient use of Billomat via tablets and smartphones.

The list of current features includes:

  • Creating and managing invoices
  • Managing articles and clients18
  • Sending invoices via email
  • Personalized design of the web application, the app and the documents

As a pioneer in the field of online facturing, Billomat has been offering a competent software for self-employed persons, small business owners and freelancers for almost 8 years now. The new app is an addition to the web application and completes the range of offers that Billomat puts at your disposition. As a Billomat user, you are now more flexible and you save more time. We also have good news for all the clients who have chosen the iOS products: we are working on an iOS-compatible Billomat app that will be launched on the market in the next few weeks.

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