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Billomat WooCommerce Plugin Version 2.3.0: All the New Features at a Glance

Do you already know our Billomat WooCommerce plugin? With this free plugin you can connect your WooCommerce shop to Billomat and thus entirely automate your invoicing for your online shop. Download it directly over the plugin store and try it!

Attention: new version 2.3.0 available!

We are continuously developing our WooCommerce plugin and include our user’s feedback and needs in the process. With the current version 2.3.0, various new features are available to the online shop operators. Below you will find a summary of all the new features:

#1 Automatic correction run and cancellation invoices

When an order is cancelled after successful processing and invoicing, the information will now also be transmitted from your WooCommerce backend to Billomat. Our accounting software also cancels the invoice and automatically creates a correction invoice including all the required statutory information. You don’t need to take care of anything.

Important: If the invoice has already been paid, the credit nore must be paid manually or using the Billomat Banking feature, taking into consideration the respective data.

#2 Separation of invoicing and email dispatch

Up to now, you could determine within the plugin settings at what moment Billomat shall generate an invoice for the incoming orders. Depending on whether you also activated the shipping option, the invoice was also automatically sent to the customer when being created. From now on, you can separate these two processes and save different statuses for the two actions. The invoicing can take place at another moment (e.g. “on hold“) than the email dispatch (e.g. “completed“).

#3 Shipping costs of 0,- € are not displayed

The costs incurred for the shipping of the ordered goods are displayed as a separate item on the generated invoice. Up to now, if no shipping costs were charged, an amount of 0,- € was displayed on the invoice. With the new version 2.3.0, the shipping costs of 0,- € will be omitted as item on the invoice in the future.

#4 Order status in case of a payment

In your Billomat account, you can mark the invoices, for which you received a payment, as “paid“, for example, to make sure that the customer does not receive a payment reminder by mistake. You can adjust the payment status manually or you can link Billomat to your business account and use the automatic bank reconciliation. With the new version 2.3.0, the payment status of your Billomat invoice will also be synchronized with your WooCommerce shop. For this purpose, you can define through the plugin settings, which status the order shall adopt when the invoice has been paid by the customer.

#5 Bugfixes and optimizations

In addition to the new features, we also fixed some bugs in the previous version. Here is an overview of the bugfixes:

  • The login information of a Billomat app can now be lodged, in case several API calls are needed.
  • The error message that appeared at the first installation was deleted.
  • An error was fixed that generated invoices as a draft.
  • An error with the Guzzle PHP Library was fixed.
  • The new version of the Guzzle PHP Library is now in use.

Do you still have questions about our Billomat WooCommerce plugin or do you need help with the installation or configuration of the plugin for your WooCommerce shop? Our customer support is at your disposal at any time via email:

The latest Billomat updates at one glance:

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