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Billomat Changelog: 3rd Quarter of 2018

During the last quarter, we have been working diligently in order to improve Billomat for you. Below you will find the most important improvements and updates of the last quarter:

New features

  • Amazon interface: As an Amazon seller, you can look forward to the automatic invoicing carried out by Billomat for your Amazon shop. Billomat checks for every order with the status “shipped“, whether invoices do exist. In case they are missing, Billomat creates them for you. Learn more about it >>
  • EPOST: In addition to Pixelletter and Google Cloud Print, it is now also possible to send invoices digitally via EPOST – a service offered by the German postal service.
  • GoBD compliant: In order to be compliant with the Federal Ministry of Finance and the German GoBD (Principles for properly maintaining and storing books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access), from now on it is not possible to delete completed invoices within Billomat. Learn more about it >>
  • Server relocation: Billomat is growing along with its customers. In order to keep offering you a high-performance system, we require new server power. Our servers are now more flexible and can be switched on or off, depending on the usage.


  • DATEV export: Document field 2 and the posting text are columns within the CSV export, that should be assigned differently depending on the tax advisor and the system. This is now also available during the preselection of the export. In addition, you can now select the posting stacks that you want to export and change the name.
  • New menu item “Reports/Exports”: In order to call up the important features rapidly, you can now access the menu item Reports/Exports on the top menu level. You can also configure the permissions accordingly.
  • Menu modifications – mobile UX: In order to navigate comfortably through the menu not only on your mobile but also on the desktop, the submenu does not open as an overlay on the right side anymore, but pulls out downwards.
  • Import of keywords for articles: When importing articles, it is possible to import keywords for the articles. The keywords serve the purpose of filtering articles and can be implemented in Billomat via the bulk upload.
  • Filters for different document overviews: For example, in the invoice and estimate overview, but also within other overviews, there are now many new ways to filter.
  • Tax rates in the dropdown: You can create and manage different tax rates at one central location. When creating the respective document, you can then select them individually for every item.
  • API modifications: Our API now offers 3 more types of data within a request: customfield, updated_at and custom_properties.
  • Modifications to the DIN standard: In front of every percentage sign is a blank space.

Outlook Q4 2018

  • Turnover tax advance return: From the Q4, Billomat will finally get the option of the turnover tax advance return. You will then be able to create your turnover tax advance return with Billomat and directly transmit it to the program Elster.
  • Several items in the purchase invoices: In the future, you can create several items with different tax rates and including a cost centre as well as an expense account when registering purchase invoices.
  • Shopify interface: Currently, we are making modifications to our Shopify interface. Thanks to these modifications, we will be able to offer a better support in the future and to continuously develop the interface.
  • New invoice status “uncollectable”: The possible invoice statuses are being extended by the status „”uncollectable“ for a better evaluation and transparency.
  • Regulation for small entrepreneurs in Germany: As a small entrepreneur, according to § 19 of the UStG (German VAT act), you have to put a reference to the VAT exemption in your invoice. In the future, Billomat will take care of all relevant settings, tax rates and the mandatory details in your Billomat account.

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