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GoBD update: Completed Documents Cannot be Deleted

What is GoBD?

GoBD stands for the German “basic principles on the proper management and storage of financial books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access” (“Grundsätze zur ordnungsmäßigen Führung und Aufbewahrung von Büchern, Aufzeichnungen und Unterlagen in elektronischer Form sowie zum Datenzugriff”). This decree created in 2014 by the German Tax Authority defines standards and requirements for electronic bookkeeping and the storage of documents.

As a provider of an accounting software and following the highest international standards for electronic bookkeeping, it is our top priority to ensure the implementation of these requirements within the Billomat software.

GoBD and accounting: Documents cannot be changed

A bookkeeping in compliance with the GoBD requirements means, above all, that electronic generated business documents must be unchangeable. To ensure that issued invoices cannot be changed within the Billomat software, it was already disabled in 01.10.2018 the function that allows completed invoices to be deleted (see info mailing dated 31.08.2018).

If you create an invoice with Billomat, you can still edit and delete it while it has a Draft status. However, once you click on the button “Complete“, a final PDF document is generated. A change or deletion is no longer possible.

If you notice an error in the document, the invoice must be cancelled in accordance with the legal requirements. To do this, open the incorrect invoice in the Billomat software and use the “Cancel” button. To make the necessary corrections, click on the button “New document” and create a new credit note with the right information to your client.

GoBD update: Completed documents cannot be deleted

As previously mentioned, the GoBD doesn’t refer only to invoices, but to all financial documents in electronic form. For this reason, it won’t be possible to delete other types of completed documents starting from 12.11.2018. These document types are:

  • Estimates (if the estimate has been marked as won)
  • Order confirmations
  • Credit notes
  • Delivery notes
  • Payment reminders

Important note for API users

Please note that these changes affect users of the web application and of the Billomat API. The following commands for deleting documents including all related connections, positions and comments will be ended on 12.11.2018:

Delete estimateDELETE /api/offers/{id}
Delete order confirmationDELETE /api/confirmations/{id}
Delete credit noteDELETE /api/credit-notes/{id}
Delete purchase ordersDELETE /api/delivery-notes/{id}
Delete payment reminderDELETE /api/reminders/{id}


Please check on time whether you are affected by the changes. Our customer support is always available for questions by phone: +49 911 – 148861590 and e-mail:

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