Blog   13.5.2016

Magical text recognition thanks to Gini – now easier than ever!

Paperwork is annoying! Especially when you have to transmit invoice data step by step into your accounting software. This is why, since 2014, we offer our Billomat users a Gini connection.

What is Gini?

Maybe you haven’t heard about Gini yet? Then let me quickly explain to you how Gini can make your life easier by helping you with your accounting.

Imagine you receive an invoice in file format (pdf or image) via mail. Of course, you want to compile it as an incoming invoice in your Billomat account. But instead of transmitting the invoice data via copypaste from a document to your Billomat account, you can simply get it filtered out automatically. The magic word is Gini.

Gini analyses your document and transmits data like the invoice date, the customer number or the invoice amount all by itself into the corresponding fields. Not only do you save time, but also trouble!

New: Text recognition for everyone!

The integration of Gini into Billomat is nothing new. But what changes for the Billomat user, is the availability of the automatic document analysis. Since April 1st 2016, our Billomat customers (from Plan S+ on) don’t need an additional Gini account anymore to read documents. Your Billomat account is all you need. However, for Billomat users with the free Plan S, the integration of Gini is not available.

Why don’t you try it out?
(1) Upload your document as an incoming invoice. This option can be found in your Billomat account under the menu item “Documents“.
(2) Wait for the magical Gini moment.
(3) Check the data that has been transmitted by Gini or complete your incoming invoice.

Accounting becomes as easy as this with Billomat!

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