Blog   29.5.2013

More flexible intervals for issuing subscriber invoices

OK, so it’s only a small change. But it makes a big difference! Now you have even greater flexibility when it comes to specifying the repeat periods for recurring subscriber invoices.

Recurring invoices that are drawn up regularly are already old hat at Billomat. What’s new is that you’re not only able to choose whether an invoice is to be drawn up on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, but that you can also assign a figure to the option that you have chosen. This means, for instance, that it’s possible to have invoices drawn up automatically every 14 days, every 4 months, or every 3 years.

You’ll find the tool for setting the cycle frequency in the right-hand column bar of the subscriber invoices editing screen.

By the way, the “quarterly” and “half-yearly” cycles have been removed as part of the enhancement. They have been replaced by “every 3 months” and “every 6 months”.

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