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New: Several free texts per document type

Billomat update: Consign several free texts per document type for a more flexible communication with your customers!

Not every customer relation is the same. With a new customer, you probably communicate in a more formal way than with a long-time regular customer. It’s all about setting the right tone! Of course, all this also reflects in your invoices, estimates or reminders.

For some time now, you can consign individual free texts for your accounting documents by using the settings in your Billomat account, for example, in order to enter a reference about your status as a small entrepreneur or to close with a personal greeting. In the Feature Request Forum, some Billomat users requested a more flexible design for individual text templates. Your wish is our command 🙂

Upgrading the text templates for more flexibility

As of now, it is possible to consign several free texts per document type. This way, you can decide individually how to address your customers when creating an invoice or a reminder.

Case of application:
While you still ask customer A in a very formal way to pay the invoice, you are already on more familiar terms with customer B. Customer C, however, only speaks English. A perfect case of application for the new Billomat text templates, which will save you a lot of time and effort in the future! Create, for example, a “formal“ text template for customer A, a “personal“ one for customer B and an “English“ one for customer C.

How to consign several free texts:

As usual, you can customize your text templates via >Settings > Documents > Text templates.

What is new is that you can consign several texts per document type. When creating the documents, Billomat first resorts automatically to the free text that you defined as default template. You can, however, still select another text template per dropdown in the range of documents.

Selection of the text template within the range of documents

In order for you to use the free texts in a flexible and individual manner in the future, you should take some things into consideration when creating several text templates:

  • Define one default template per document type via the radio buttons. The default template will be used automatically by Billomat when creating a document.
  • Use meaningful names like e.g. “formal“, “personal“ or “English“ for all your text templates, so that the selection of your free text in the range of documents is easier.

Creating several text templates: Settings and selection of the default template

Creating and editing a new text template

What else is new?

You think the new feature is really handy? We still have a few more goodies for you.

Thanks to this update, you can create separate free texts for correction invoices. Up until now, Billomat automatically used your text template for credit notes.

A few things also changed for the creation of free texts for letters. Here you can define an additional reference and apply text formatting when creating your template. Previously, this was only possible when using the default template.

Furthermore, it is possible to define an individual document title in the text templates, e.g. “Final invoice XXX“. Simply leave the field blank in case you want to use the default title provided by Billomat (e.g. “Invoice XXX“).

Text formatting when creating letters with Billomat

What else will be new?

A simple text formatting in the free texts is the only thing still missing that would make you really happy? We have good news for you: the text formatting in the free texts – when using the default template – already exists as a beta version and will be made available for all users soon. You still have to be patient a little while longer though. As usual, we will keep you informed about all the updates in our newsletter.

In case you have questions about the latest update, our support team will be at your disposal via email ( and phone (+49 911 – 148861590). The users of our Billomat API will be informed separately via email about the new free text update and the changes related to it.

Kind regards,
Doreen from Billomat

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