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Optimized: Search Feature, Comments, Exports and Drafts

It’s not just the new features or add-ons that make the everyday use of the Billomat accounting software easier. Many times, it’s the smaller optimizations that make your workflow even more efficient and that minimize potential sources of error. In November, we made some optimizations to our software. Maybe you have not noticed them yet?

#1 Optimized search feature

During the last weeks, there have always been problems with the search feature within the Billomat software. On the one hand, the search feature was not really efficient and it needed several seconds to list documents or customers; on the other hand, it did not always deliver the desired results. This was due to some problems in the indexing of data. This is why we entirely reworked the search feature.

Result: The Billomat search feature is much more efficient and provides results within a few milliseconds. In addition, all special characters (e.g. & / -) are now also supported and provide accurate results.

Outlook: The search feature will soon be extended by a relevance weighting. In case a search request provides several results, the latter will be listed according to their topicality. In addition, in the future, the user-defined attributes will also be included in the search, so that you can filter explicitly, for example, by birthdays or key accounts.

#2 Optimization of the system comments

When creating a document with Billomat, you can leave notes for the respective document through the tab “History and comments”. Furthermore, the status changes and actions related to the document will also be listed here, for example, when or by whom an invoice has been sent or registered. This feature will help you to keep track of your documents, especially if you are using Billomat as a team with several users. Through the “Delete” button, the comments and status changes could however be deleted by all authorized users. The problem with this was that, according to the GoBD (principles for properly maintaining and storing books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access), all modifications to a document must be visible and cannot be manipulated.

Result: Of course, you can continue to leave comments and delete them. However, the system comments, such as status changes to the document, cannot be deleted and are permanently visible. It is also no longer possible to delete automatically generated status changes through the API.

#3 Draft watermarks for your own templates

Since July 2018, document drafts are marked with a watermark in the preview. With this option, we want to support you so that a completed invoice can not be confused and sent by mistake to the customer, or even registered (GoBD says “Hello”!). In the case of new customers, the watermarks are preset by default. Users that have been using Billomat for some time can activate the option retrospectively in the settings under >Documents > Drafts. Only problem: up to now, we could only display watermarks on drafts that were created over a default template.

Result: When working with your own templates, you can now also activate the watermark feature. As soon as you complete the document, the watermark disappears in the preview and you can send the document to your customer.

#4 Bulk action for exports

There is a feature in your Billomat account that allows you to export invoices, payments or other documents, such as delivery notes, purchase invoices or estimates, for example, in order to transmit them to your bank or your tax consultant. The file formats CSV, ZIP, PDF, XML and JSON are supported. Through the filter, you can also download this export explicitly for an individual time period. Naturally, the export feature is also available for customer and article data. However, what if you want to export only particular documents and not all of them?

Result: In our Billomat idea portal, some users wished for an individual selection of the documents to be exported. Through the checkboxes, you can now select flexibly which documents you want to export and which ones not.

The latest Billomat updates at one glance:

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