Blog   13.5.2016

PixelLetter now also available for recurring invoices!

Printing, folding, bagging up and stamping – sending invoices via mail is very time-consuming and it distracts you from your main tasks! This is the reason why Billomat has now included the online Lettershop PixelLetter.

How does PixelLetter help me?

PixelLetter takes over the dispatch of letters and faxes for you – with just one click. This way, you avoid the annoying printing, bagging up, stamp-licking as well as the way to the post office! In addition to this, you can send your electronically written invoices via email, including a qualified digital signature – all thanks to this additional feature.

New: Send recurring invoices automatically

Billomat brings you one step closer towards the paper-free office! From now on, the use of this additional feature is also available for recurring invoices! If you write invoices regularly, for example for hosting packages, counselling flat rates, maintenance contracts or similar documents, you can simply let PixelLetter deal with it.

Your advantages in a nutshell:
✔ You save time
✔ You can concentrate on your main tasks!
✔ You help the environment!
✔ You avoid errors and delays in the dispatch
✔ You minimize the paperwork and you tidy up your office
✔ The integration of PixelLetter is entirely free of costs

Have we convinced you? Then just try it and send your invoices and recurring invoices automatically. You can activate this additional feature under Settings > Add-ons in your Billomat account. In order to use the lettershop service, you have to create an account on PixelLetter first. The billing of this service takes place directly via the third-party provider.

PS: Every Billomat customer receives a 5% discount on all the PixelLetter services.

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