Blog   13.5.2016

Now available: The Billomat app for iOS!

Finally, the Billomat app for iOS is here! From now on, iPhone users can also do their accounting fast and easily while being on the move. The Billomat app for iOS is available for you in the Apple Store: Download it now!

Accounting on the go

Smartphones make your life easier and Billomat does the same for your accounting! Wherever you are right now, thanks to the Billomat iOS app you always carry your customer data and your accounting in your pocket.

The Billomat app for iOS is the perfect solution for freelancers, self-employed workers, and small business owners, who are frequently on the go. Your data is synchronized automatically with the Billomat web application and guarantees an easy invoicing process from all your devices.

Mobile accounting thanks to the Billomat app

In the future, create your invoices fast and easily on the go with your iPhone. Save the invoices as pdf and send them directly to your clients. This is accounting 2.0!

The Billomat iOS app can do much more:

  • Manage your customer data on your iPhone
  • Create articles and write offers
  • Credit your invoices and keep track of your finances

Do you think some functions are missing in the app? And how do you like the design? We are happy to get your feedback!

PS: Of course our Android users also get their money worth! Download the Billomat-App for Android-based devices for free from the Google Playstore!

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