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Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program.
Together, we will create a piece of accounting software that is perfect for all business needs.

We are Billomat

More than 30,000 companies and partners already use Billomat‘s easy-to-use accounting software to simplify their digital accounting. We truly believe that accounting shouldn’t be complicated, but make your life easier!

Easy and quick
With Billomat, you can create an invoice and more in less than 1 minute.
Always available
Thanks to our innovative cloud technology, Billomat can be used anywhere and at any time.
Safety first
Billomat is SSL encrypted and our servers are located in Germany.
Knowledge is power
We always provide you with the best financial information at the right time.

Your perks as Billomat affiliate

Quickly earn money through simple referral marketing
Fair and attractive commissions
Advertising material and target group-specific offers ready-to-use
Online and offline
Suitable advertising material
The right advertising material is essential to get the right message across. That is why we provide our partners with individual advertising material that fits the respective target group.
Excellent support
The best product deserves the best support! We support you with the same passionate support that all of our customers enjoy.
Unlimited freedom
How you design your advertising for Billomat is absolutely your cup of tea. Should you still need help with anything, we are there for you at any time.

Our shared goals

We offer you the same excellent and high-level support that also our customer know and love.
Let’s grow together and create the future of digital accounting hand in hand.
Teamwork makes the dream work: Personal and easy-going cooperation is essential to us.
We are always available – just like our cloud-based accounting software.

Promote Billomat

For advertising Billomat, you can use the network Adcell. Register now and get started right away! Go to Adcell 


If you want to advertise Billomat in your own network and earn money, but do not want to be recognized as an online publisher, use our Billomat business cards. They have personalized codes so you can advertise for us and earn commissions easily!

What does Billomat cost for customers?

Billomat offers a free 30-day trial version for your first orientation. After the trial version has ended, you can freely decide whether you want to use our accounting software and at which rate.
Monthly subscription€8,99 / month€11,99 / month€19,99 / monthOn demand
Yearly subscription€6 / month€9 / month€16 / monthOn demand

Fair commissions for your work

Earn up to €28,80 for each sale!
per lead

with free registration won’t be offered anymore, so the first block is unnecessary

per sale

for each purchase of an annual business contract

Let’s get started!

Because together!




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Your contact person: Giacomo Goff
+49 911 - 14886150
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