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Billomat introduces itself

Billomat is a web-based accounting software that allows our customers to do their paperwork in a fast, secure and effective manner from anywhere. Thanks to the SSL encrypted cloud technology and the mobile app, you can manage your invoices, estimates and much more while being on the go.
Our aim is to make accounting as easy as possible for startups, businesses and freelancers, so that the users have more room for the more important aspects of business life. For this, we have developed the Billomat software.

Team Size
24 People

Founding Date
(old stager in this sector)

Year Of Relaunch
(Since then the fittest old stager in the sector)

Growth 2016
+100% Customers

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Billomat Team

About our CEO: Paul-Alexander Thies

Paul-Alexander Thies Presse

Paul-Alexander Thies

Paul-Alexander Thies joined Billomat in February 2016 and started the successful relaunch of Billomat alongside a new team. Before this, he already gathered some experience at the big players of the e-commerce industry. Apart from Travador and Groupon, you will also find Payleven and Rocket Internet on his resume. After the IPO of Groupon, he was looking for new challenges at Payleven and discovered his affinity for the Fintech sector. It is hence no surprise that he eventually found his way to Billomat.
Along with his team of sixteen members, he transformed Billomat from an aging tool to a modern, market-leading accounting software within only one year. This development enriched the industry in such a way, that Billomat nowadays counts twice as much satisfied customers as in the year before.

Awards and certificates for Billomat

For us, as providers of a cloud-based software, safety is the number one priority. This is why we are particularly proud of our various awards and certificates which represent an acknowledgment of our excellent IT security.

  • Software Made in Germany
  • Cloud Services Made in Germany
  • ISO 27001 27018 Zertifzierung
  • SSL Verschlüsselung
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