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Invite friends now and benefit twice

Invite friends to use Billomat and earn up to €50 net cashback.

Invite friends

Earn up to €50 net cashback - that's how it works

Invite friends.

Send your friends your personalized invitation link.

20% discount for your friends.

Your friends receive a 20% discount on the regular price if they sign up using your link.

Up to €50 net cashback for you.

As a thank you, you earn up to €50 net cash reward*.

* If your friend signs up to the Billomat business plan, you will receive a €50 net cash reward. If your friend chooses the Solo or Solo+ plan, you will receive €20 net cash deposited into your bank account. The promotion is valid until further notice.

Details & conditions

How can I invite my friends to Billomat?
You can find your unique link in your Billomat dashboard. You can then easily share it with your friends. As soon as they have signed up using your link, you will earn a €20 or €50 net cash reward within 8 weeks.

Where can I find the reward link?
The reward link is located in your Billomat account on the dashboard.

Can the link be used by a friend who has already signed up?
No, unfortunately, that will not work. Your friend must have completed the sign-up directly via your link, otherwise, the 20% discount and also the €20 or €50 net cashback will not be taken into account.

Is there a limit to how many friends I can invite?
You can invite as many friends as you want. Each of your friends receives a 20% discount when signing up to a Solo, Solo+ or Business plan and you earn €20 net cashback for the Solo or Solo+ plans or €50 net cashback for the Business plan.

How long will it take to receive my money?
The basis for the commission payment is the binding sign up of an annual plan + receipt of payment of the invoice amount at Billomat. The payout will take place within 8 weeks. The reward will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Who can use the referral program?
It is important that you have an active Billomat account with a current contract. This is the only way to get your unique referral link. Are there more users in one account? No problem, anyone can refer via the link. The cash reward will be deposited into the registered account.

My friend got a link from someone else too. Who will get the money?
Depending on which link your friend uses, either you or the other person will receive the cashback. It is not possible to sign up using multiple referral links.

Can I only refer to friends as a business customer?
No, no matter what plan you are in, you can invite your friends using a referral link. It is only important that you have an ongoing contract.

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