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Does Billomat create invoices automatically for my online shop?

Is your online shop running, but all the invoices are annoying you? Simply create the invoices automatically with Billomat. It saves you a lot of time - and nerves.

Create invoices automatically in Shopify

Creating an online shop on Shopify is really simple and the first products are sold in no time. However, there is this still this little detail: you need to make an invoice. The connexion to Billomat makes it automatically.

You will find the Billomat app for Shopify in the app store under https://shop.billomat.com/login. It is free and only requires your permission to read data from Shopify - otherwise they would never get to Billomat.

Then, you need to enter your BillomatID and your API key, so that Shopify can be connected to your Billomat. In addition, you can also configure how Billomat shall handle your orders. You can choose between the options "create", "create and complete" and "create, complete and send". Furthermore, you can select the template that shall be used, however, the desired template must be uploaded in Billomat first. You can also define keywords for your invoices that have been generated in Shopify.

Currently, Billomat only supports one address per invoice. Hence, it is not possible to enter a delivery address that differs from the billing address.

How to connect Billomat with WooCommerce

In order to connect Billomat with your online shop, you need our Billomat WooCommerce plugin, which is free of charge for our Billomat users. You can download the WooCommerce plugin here. After downloading the file, please move it to the directory /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-billomat or install it via the WordPress plugin management. In the following step, you need to activate the Billomat plugin through the plugin page. You’re almost done!

In the last step, you must connect your WooCommerce shop with Billomat.

To do this, go to the WooCommerce shop and click on Settings > Billomat.

Enter the billomatID in the entry mask and enter your API key. Then, click on Save changes in order to establish a connection between Billomat and WooCommerce. You will find further information about out WooCommerce interface here.

How to connect Billomat with Amazon

First, you need to log in to Billomat and navigate through the Settings in the sidebar to the menu item Add-ons, where you can select Amazon. Copy your developer ID and your developer name. In order to grant Billomat access to your data, you can generate the required MWS token here.

In the end, you only need to enter the copied MWS token as well as your Amazon Seller ID under Settings > Add-ons > Amazon. Now you are good to go!


An API (application programming interface) is an open programming interface which allows you to access the data from your Billomat account via HTTP and XML/JSON. As a non-professional, you can save yourself a lot of frustration if you have a competent IT department.

Through the interface, you can create many links to other third party providers. Many of our own add-ons, like for example Shopify, are also based on the API. Interfaces to new e-commerce providers are therefore possible and even desired.

You will find further information on the API on our homepage.
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