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Can I combine a time tracking tool with Billomat?

For freelancers, the billing on the clock is often the norm, which is why an accurate time tracking is required. You don't need the good old time sheet anymore, but instead of it there is a clever online solution, which can even be connected with Billomat.

How to connect mite with Billomat

The basic requirement for the linkage is establishing a connection between Billomat and mite.

To create the connection between the two, you can generate your API key in mite under My user > Activate access to API and then copy it. Subsequently, you can enter the generated key in Billomat under Settings > Add-ons > mite Time-Tracking.

After recording the working hours in mite., it is possible in only a few steps to bill the provided service.

As soon as a new invoice shall be created, a button “new item from mite Time-Tracking” will appear in the item field. Billomat retrieves the data from mite directly and without any detours.

How to connect Clockodo with Billomat

In order to connect your Billomat account with Clockodo, you first need your billomatID and your Billomat API key.

You will find your API key under Settings > Administration > User.

Select your account by clicking on “edit”.

Here, you can activate the API access, if you have not already done so.

Subsequently, you can have your API key displayed here and copy it.

Now, sign in to Clockodo.

You will get to your company settings via the gear icon. Here, you can select Billomat as an invoicing tool and enter your billomatID, the API key as well as the default rate for the VAT.

After saving, you can now import your articles and customers from Billomat.

If you recorded working hours with Clockodo, the link with the title “Create bill” will appear.

By clicking on it, you can specifically assign the recorded time to a Billomat customer and proceed to various settings concerning your invoicing, such as selecting an article number and others. The generated invoice will be stored as a draft in your Billomat account, so that you can still adapt, modify or extend it at any time.
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